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With the smooth and seamless quality of a glass splashback, cleaning is much simpler, without the need to worry about grout stains or mould. The colour of your kitchen splashback and walls will significantly denote the character of your kitchen, making this an important consideration. With glass splashbacks, almost an unlimited number of colours are on offer, all of which can be tailored to the colour and design of your kitchen and home. At Echo Glass, we offer a supply and fit service, meaning we can deliver and install your kitchen splashback, resulting in a quick, crisp and perfect finish. Glass Splashbacks can sometimes be considered more costly than tiles; however their strength and endurance can outweigh their initial cost. Without the need to continuously retile and re-grout your kitchen, as can be the case with tiled splash backs, glass splashbacks can be a comparatively cost-effective choice.

There are two types of glass that can be used in kitchen splashbacks. There’s no difference between them in terms of the integrity of the glass, as they are both made of the same 6 mm toughened glass. The two types are:

Clear Float has a blueish green tinge to it, so when the colour is added it will have that hue over it.

Low Iron has been treated to take out the blueish green tinge in the colour, so when you spray the back of the glass with your colour selection, you get a truer representation coming through on the front of the glass. Low Iron is slightly dearer.

For darker colours the choice you make doesn’t matter so much because you won’t see the tinge. But for lighter colours, if you want them to come through bright and unchanged, you would go for the Low Iron option.

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